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template<typename Derived >
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE Derived & PlainObjectBase< Derived >::setZero ( Index  size)

Resizes to the given size, and sets all coefficients in this expression to zero.



See also:
DenseBase::setZero(), setZero(Index,Index), class CwiseNullaryOp, DenseBase::Zero()

Definition at line 504 of file CwiseNullaryOp.h.

Referenced by SVD< MatrixType >::compute(), MatrixFunction< MatrixType, 1 >::computeClusterSize(), UniformScaling< _Scalar >::operator*(), Translation< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator*(), and Scaling< _Scalar, _Dim >::operator*().

  return setConstant(Scalar(0));

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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