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template<typename _MatrixType>
RealScalar ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::threshold (  ) const [inline]

Returns the threshold that will be used by certain methods such as rank().

See the documentation of setThreshold(const RealScalar&).

Definition at line 315 of file ColPivHouseholderQR.h.

Referenced by ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::rank(), and ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::setThreshold().

      eigen_assert(m_isInitialized || m_usePrescribedThreshold);
      return m_usePrescribedThreshold ? m_prescribedThreshold
      // this formula comes from experimenting (see "LU precision tuning" thread on the list)
      // and turns out to be identical to Higham's formula used already in LDLt.
                                      : NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() * m_qr.diagonalSize();

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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