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template<typename _MatrixType>
const internal::solve_retval<ColPivHouseholderQR, typename MatrixType::IdentityReturnType> ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::inverse ( void   ) const [inline]
the inverse of the matrix of which *this is the QR decomposition.
If this matrix is not invertible, the returned matrix has undefined coefficients. Use isInvertible() to first determine whether this matrix is invertible.

Definition at line 262 of file ColPivHouseholderQR.h.

      eigen_assert(m_isInitialized && "ColPivHouseholderQR is not initialized.");
      return internal::solve_retval<ColPivHouseholderQR,typename MatrixType::IdentityReturnType>
               (*this, MatrixType::Identity(m_qr.rows(), m_qr.cols()));

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