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template<typename MatrixType >
MatrixType::RealScalar ColPivHouseholderQR< MatrixType >::absDeterminant (  ) const
the absolute value of the determinant of the matrix of which *this is the QR decomposition. It has only linear complexity (that is, O(n) where n is the dimension of the square matrix) as the QR decomposition has already been computed.
This is only for square matrices.
a determinant can be very big or small, so for matrices of large enough dimension, there is a risk of overflow/underflow. One way to work around that is to use logAbsDeterminant() instead.
See also:
logAbsDeterminant(), MatrixBase::determinant()

Definition at line 356 of file ColPivHouseholderQR.h.

  eigen_assert(m_isInitialized && "ColPivHouseholderQR is not initialized.");
  eigen_assert(m_qr.rows() == m_qr.cols() && "You can't take the determinant of a non-square matrix!");
  return internal::abs(m_qr.diagonal().prod());

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