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template<typename MatrixType >
MatrixType::RealScalar ColPivHouseholderQR< MatrixType >::logAbsDeterminant (  ) const
the natural log of the absolute value of the determinant of the matrix of which *this is the QR decomposition. It has only linear complexity (that is, O(n) where n is the dimension of the square matrix) as the QR decomposition has already been computed.
This is only for square matrices.
This method is useful to work around the risk of overflow/underflow that's inherent to determinant computation.
See also:
absDeterminant(), MatrixBase::determinant()

Definition at line 364 of file ColPivHouseholderQR.h.

  eigen_assert(m_isInitialized && "ColPivHouseholderQR is not initialized.");
  eigen_assert(m_qr.rows() == m_qr.cols() && "You can't take the determinant of a non-square matrix!");
  return m_qr.diagonal().cwiseAbs().array().log().sum();

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