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template<typename _MatrixType>
ColPivHouseholderQR& ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::setThreshold ( const RealScalar &  threshold ) [inline]

Allows to prescribe a threshold to be used by certain methods, such as rank(), who need to determine when pivots are to be considered nonzero. This is not used for the QR decomposition itself.

When it needs to get the threshold value, Eigen calls threshold(). By default, this uses a formula to automatically determine a reasonable threshold. Once you have called the present method setThreshold(const RealScalar&), your value is used instead.

thresholdThe new value to use as the threshold.

A pivot will be considered nonzero if its absolute value is strictly greater than $ \vert pivot \vert \leqslant threshold \times \vert maxpivot \vert $ where maxpivot is the biggest pivot.

If you want to come back to the default behavior, call setThreshold(Default_t)

Definition at line 290 of file ColPivHouseholderQR.h.

References ColPivHouseholderQR< _MatrixType >::threshold().

      m_usePrescribedThreshold = true;
      m_prescribedThreshold = threshold;
      return *this;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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