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Public Types

internal::traits< SparseInnerVectorSet< MatrixType, Size > > Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

enum  {
  IsRowMajor = (int(MatrixType::Flags)&RowMajorBit)==RowMajorBit, Flags = MatrixType::Flags, RowsAtCompileTime = IsRowMajor ? Size : MatrixType::RowsAtCompileTime, ColsAtCompileTime = IsRowMajor ? MatrixType::ColsAtCompileTime : Size,
  MaxRowsAtCompileTime = RowsAtCompileTime, MaxColsAtCompileTime = ColsAtCompileTime, CoeffReadCost = MatrixType::CoeffReadCost
typedef traits< MatrixType >::Index Index
typedef traits< MatrixType >
typedef traits< MatrixType >
typedef MatrixXpr XprKind

Detailed Description

template<typename MatrixType, int Size>
struct internal::traits< SparseInnerVectorSet< MatrixType, Size > >

Definition at line 30 of file SparseBlock.h.

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