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internal::gebp_traits< std::complex< RealScalar >, RealScalar, _ConjLhs, false > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

enum  {
  ConjLhs = _ConjLhs, ConjRhs = false, Vectorizable = packet_traits<LhsScalar>::Vectorizable && packet_traits<RhsScalar>::Vectorizable, LhsPacketSize = Vectorizable ? packet_traits<LhsScalar>::size : 1,
  RhsPacketSize = Vectorizable ? packet_traits<RhsScalar>::size : 1, ResPacketSize = Vectorizable ? packet_traits<ResScalar>::size : 1, NumberOfRegisters = EIGEN_ARCH_DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_REGISTERS, nr = NumberOfRegisters/4,
  mr = 2 * LhsPacketSize, WorkSpaceFactor = nr*RhsPacketSize, LhsProgress = LhsPacketSize, RhsProgress = RhsPacketSize
typedef packet_traits
< LhsScalar >::type 
typedef packet_traits
< ResScalar >::type 
typedef packet_traits
< RhsScalar >::type 
typedef ResPacket AccPacket
typedef conditional
< Vectorizable, _LhsPacket,
LhsScalar >::type 
typedef std::complex< RealScalar > LhsScalar
typedef conditional
< Vectorizable, _ResPacket,
ResScalar >::type 
typedef scalar_product_traits
< LhsScalar, RhsScalar >
typedef conditional
< Vectorizable, _RhsPacket,
RhsScalar >::type 
typedef RealScalar RhsScalar

Public Member Functions

EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void acc (const AccPacket &c, const ResPacket &alpha, ResPacket &r) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void initAcc (AccPacket &p)
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void loadLhs (const LhsScalar *a, LhsPacket &dest) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void loadRhs (const RhsScalar *b, RhsPacket &dest) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void madd (const LhsPacket &a, const RhsPacket &b, AccPacket &c, RhsPacket &tmp) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void madd_impl (const LhsScalar &a, const RhsScalar &b, ResScalar &c, RhsScalar &, const false_type &) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void madd_impl (const LhsPacket &a, const RhsPacket &b, AccPacket &c, RhsPacket &tmp, const true_type &) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE void unpackRhs (DenseIndex n, const RhsScalar *rhs, RhsScalar *b)

Protected Attributes

conj_helper< ResPacket,
ResPacket, ConjLhs, false > 

Detailed Description

template<typename RealScalar, bool _ConjLhs>
class internal::gebp_traits< std::complex< RealScalar >, RealScalar, _ConjLhs, false >

Definition at line 231 of file GeneralBlockPanelKernel.h.

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