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SimplicialCholesky< _MatrixType, _UpLo > Class Template Reference

A direct sparse Cholesky factorization. More...

#include <SimplicialCholesky.h>

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struct  keep_diag

Public Types

enum  { UpLo = _UpLo }
typedef SparseMatrix< Scalar,
ColMajor, Index > 
typedef MatrixType::Index Index
typedef _MatrixType MatrixType
typedef MatrixType::RealScalar RealScalar
typedef MatrixType::Scalar Scalar
typedef Matrix< Scalar,
MatrixType::ColsAtCompileTime, 1 > 

Public Member Functions

template<typename Rhs , typename Dest >
void _solve (const MatrixBase< Rhs > &b, MatrixBase< Dest > &dest) const
void analyzePattern (const MatrixType &a)
Index cols () const
SimplicialCholeskycompute (const MatrixType &matrix)
template<typename Stream >
void dumpMemory (Stream &s)
void factorize (const MatrixType &a)
ComputationInfo info () const
 Reports whether previous computation was successful.
const PermutationMatrix
< Dynamic > & 
permutationP () const
const PermutationMatrix
< Dynamic > & 
permutationPinv () const
Index rows () const
SimplicialCholeskysetMode (SimplicialCholeskyMode mode)
 SimplicialCholesky (const MatrixType &matrix)
template<typename Rhs >
const internal::solve_retval
< SimplicialCholesky, Rhs > 
solve (const MatrixBase< Rhs > &b) const

Protected Attributes

bool m_analysisIsOk
VectorType m_diag
bool m_factorizationIsOk
ComputationInfo m_info
bool m_isInitialized
bool m_LDLt
CholMatrixType m_matrix
VectorXi m_nonZerosPerCol
PermutationMatrix< Dynamic > m_P
VectorXi m_parent
PermutationMatrix< Dynamic > m_Pinv

Detailed Description

template<typename _MatrixType, int _UpLo = Lower>
class SimplicialCholesky< _MatrixType, _UpLo >

A direct sparse Cholesky factorization.

This class allows to solve for A.X = B sparse linear problems via a LL^T or LDL^T Cholesky factorization. The sparse matrix A must be selfadjoint and positive definite. The vectors or matrices X and B can be either dense or sparse.

Template Parameters:
_MatrixTypethe type of the sparse matrix A, it must be a SparseMatrix<>
_UpLothe triangular part that will be used for the computations. It can be Lower or Upper. Default is Lower.

Definition at line 83 of file SimplicialCholesky.h.

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