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STL_algo_interface< real > Class Template Reference

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class  somme
class  vector_generator

Public Types

typedef stl_matrix gene_matrix
typedef stl_vector gene_vector
typedef real real_type
typedef std::vector< stl_vector > stl_matrix
typedef std::vector< real > stl_vector

Static Public Member Functions

static void atv_product (const gene_matrix &A, const gene_vector &B, gene_vector &X, int N)
static void axpy (real coef, const gene_vector &X, gene_vector &Y, int N)
static void copy_matrix (const gene_matrix &source, gene_matrix &cible, int N)
static void copy_vector (const gene_vector &source, gene_vector &cible, int N)
static void free_matrix (gene_matrix &A, int N)
static void free_vector (gene_vector &B)
static void matrix_from_stl (gene_matrix &A, stl_matrix &A_stl)
static void matrix_to_stl (gene_matrix &A, stl_matrix &A_stl)
static std::string name (void)
static void vector_from_stl (gene_vector &B, stl_vector &B_stl)
static void vector_to_stl (gene_vector &B, stl_vector &B_stl)

Detailed Description

template<class real>
class STL_algo_interface< real >

Definition at line 30 of file STL_algo_interface.hh.

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