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RotationBase< Derived, _Dim > Class Template Reference

Common base class for compact rotation representations. More...

#include <RotationBase.h>

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Public Types

enum  { Dim = _Dim }
enum  { Dim = _Dim }
typedef Matrix< Scalar, Dim, Dim > RotationMatrixType
typedef Matrix< Scalar, Dim, Dim > RotationMatrixType
typedef ei_traits< Derived >
typedef internal::traits
< Derived >::Scalar 
typedef Matrix< Scalar, Dim, 1 > VectorType

Public Member Functions

template<typename OtherVectorType >
VectorType _transformVector (const OtherVectorType &v) const
const Derived & derived () const
Derived & derived ()
const Derived & derived () const
Derived & derived ()
Derived inverse () const
Derived inverse () const
RotationMatrixType matrix () const
Transform< Scalar, Dim > operator* (const Translation< Scalar, Dim > &t) const
template<int Mode, int Options>
Transform< Scalar, Dim, Mode > operator* (const Transform< Scalar, Dim, Mode, Options > &t) const
RotationMatrixType operator* (const UniformScaling< Scalar > &s) const
Transform< Scalar, Dim > operator* (const Transform< Scalar, Dim > &t) const
template<typename OtherDerived >
< Derived, OtherDerived,
OtherDerived::IsVectorAtCompileTime >
operator* (const EigenBase< OtherDerived > &e) const
Transform< Scalar, Dim, Isometry > operator* (const Translation< Scalar, Dim > &t) const
RotationMatrixType operator* (const Scaling< Scalar, Dim > &s) const
RotationMatrixType toRotationMatrix () const
RotationMatrixType toRotationMatrix () const


template<typename OtherDerived >
RotationMatrixType operator* (const EigenBase< OtherDerived > &l, const Derived &r)
Transform< Scalar, Dim, Affine > operator* (const DiagonalMatrix< Scalar, Dim > &l, const Derived &r)

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived, int _Dim>
class RotationBase< Derived, _Dim >

Common base class for compact rotation representations.

Derivedis the derived type, i.e., a rotation type
_Dimthe dimension of the space

Definition at line 38 of file RotationBase.h.

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