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PartialReduxExpr< MatrixType, MemberOp, Direction > Class Template Reference

Generic expression of a partially reduxed matrix. More...

#include <VectorwiseOp.h>

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Public Types

typedef internal::traits
< PartialReduxExpr >
< PartialReduxExpr >::type 
typedef internal::traits
< PartialReduxExpr >

Public Member Functions

EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE const Scalar coeff (Index i, Index j) const
const Scalar coeff (Index index) const
Index cols () const
 PartialReduxExpr (const MatrixType &mat, const MemberOp &func=MemberOp())
Index rows () const

Protected Attributes

const MemberOp m_functor
const MatrixTypeNested m_matrix

Detailed Description

template<typename MatrixType, typename MemberOp, int Direction>
class PartialReduxExpr< MatrixType, MemberOp, Direction >

Generic expression of a partially reduxed matrix.

MatrixTypethe type of the matrix we are applying the redux operation
MemberOptype of the member functor
Directionindicates the direction of the redux (Vertical or Horizontal)

This class represents an expression of a partial redux operator of a matrix. It is the return type of some VectorwiseOp functions, and most of the time this is the only way it is used.

See also:
class VectorwiseOp

Definition at line 80 of file VectorwiseOp.h.

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