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MatrixFunctionAtomic< MatrixType > Class Template Reference

Helper class for computing matrix functions of atomic matrices. More...

#include <MatrixFunctionAtomic.h>

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Public Types

typedef MatrixType::Index Index
typedef NumTraits< Scalar >::Real RealScalar
typedef MatrixType::Scalar Scalar
< Scalar >::type 
typedef Matrix< Scalar,
MatrixType::RowsAtCompileTime, 1 > 

Public Member Functions

MatrixType compute (const MatrixType &A)
 Compute matrix function of atomic matrix.
 MatrixFunctionAtomic (StemFunction f)

Private Member Functions

void computeMu ()
 Compute m_mu.
 MatrixFunctionAtomic (const MatrixFunctionAtomic &)
MatrixFunctionAtomicoperator= (const MatrixFunctionAtomic &)
bool taylorConverged (Index s, const MatrixType &F, const MatrixType &Fincr, const MatrixType &P)
 Determine whether Taylor series has converged.

Private Attributes

Index m_Arows
 Size of matrix function.
MatrixType m_Ashifted
 Argument shifted by mean of eigenvalues.
Scalar m_avgEival
 Mean of eigenvalues.
StemFunction * m_f
 Pointer to scalar function.
RealScalar m_mu
 Constant used to determine whether Taylor series has converged.

Detailed Description

template<typename MatrixType>
class MatrixFunctionAtomic< MatrixType >

Helper class for computing matrix functions of atomic matrices.

Here, an atomic matrix is a triangular matrix whose diagonal entries are close to each other.

Definition at line 37 of file MatrixFunctionAtomic.h.

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