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CwiseNullaryOp< NullaryOp, PlainObjectType > Class Template Reference

Generic expression of a matrix where all coefficients are defined by a functor. More...

#include <CwiseNullaryOp.h>

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Public Types

< CwiseNullaryOp >::type 

Public Member Functions

EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE const Scalar coeff (Index rows, Index cols) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE const Scalar coeff (Index index) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE Index cols () const
 CwiseNullaryOp (Index rows, Index cols, const NullaryOp &func=NullaryOp())
template<int LoadMode>
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE PacketScalar packet (Index index) const
template<int LoadMode>
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE PacketScalar packet (Index row, Index col) const
EIGEN_STRONG_INLINE Index rows () const

Protected Attributes

< Index, ColsAtCompileTime > 
const NullaryOp m_functor
< Index, RowsAtCompileTime > 

Detailed Description

template<typename NullaryOp, typename PlainObjectType>
class CwiseNullaryOp< NullaryOp, PlainObjectType >

Generic expression of a matrix where all coefficients are defined by a functor.

NullaryOptemplate functor implementing the operator
PlainObjectTypethe underlying plain matrix/array type

This class represents an expression of a generic nullary operator. It is the return type of the Ones(), Zero(), Constant(), Identity() and Random() methods, and most of the time this is the only way it is used.

However, if you want to write a function returning such an expression, you will need to use this class.

See also:
class CwiseUnaryOp, class CwiseBinaryOp, DenseBase::NullaryExpr()

Definition at line 62 of file CwiseNullaryOp.h.

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