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AmbiVector< _Scalar, _Index > Class Template Reference

#include <AmbiVector.h>

List of all members.


class  Iterator
struct  ListEl

Public Types

typedef _Index Index
typedef NumTraits< Scalar >::Real RealScalar
typedef _Scalar Scalar

Public Member Functions

 AmbiVector (Index size)
Scalar & coeff (Index i)
Scalar & coeffRef (Index i)
void init (double estimatedDensity)
void init (int mode)
Index nonZeros () const
void resize (Index size)
void restart ()
void setBounds (Index start, Index end)
void setZero ()
Index size () const

Protected Member Functions

void reallocate (Index size)
void reallocateSparse ()

Protected Attributes

Index m_allocatedElements
Index m_allocatedSize
Scalar * m_buffer
Index m_end
Index m_llCurrent
Index m_llSize
Index m_llStart
Index m_mode
Index m_size
Index m_start
Scalar m_zero

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar, typename _Index>
class AmbiVector< _Scalar, _Index >

Hybrid sparse/dense vector class designed for intensive read-write operations.

See BasicSparseLLT and SparseProduct for usage examples.

Definition at line 34 of file AmbiVector.h.

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